About Us

MK TV is all about absolute entertainment

Viewers get to enjoy all the three sides of the pyramid of MK TV

  • Experience
    High quality
  • Sharing the edges of clear
    cut vision of reality

Founded by Mr. P. Sikkandar, M.A.B.L, who is a pioneer in establishing private local channel (PLC) in Tamil Nadu including districts like Madurai, Coimbatore, TRICHY, Tirunelveli and Theni districts along with its Taluks, under the brand name 'Krishna TV' for the past two decades (since 1990), with a good reception from our viewers and a smooth relationship with our respectable clientele, who stands behind our success.

As a basic Local Cable TV operator (LCO) in Madurai district, he is a prominent one, for the past 22 years, with a large area covered in the north region of the district.

Knowing about the ends of the rope in the field of entertainment, MKTV, We aim to modulate our people's heart beat, which is the power of our course, with the frequency of entertainment, music and joy, which this rush world misses to enjoy. Aiming to redefine entertainment, in the mean time we also aim to promote products, brands, and movies in a first class never anticipated way, where it could find its way straight into public's hype. Admiring the big fishes in this field of entertaining people, we want to turn the definition of MKTV into a well entrenched catalyst of entertaining people, bringing a hype about everything in trend.

With new power packed programme, MKTV may never let you take your attention off that TV system of yours, by implementing new innovative thoughts and ideas, wanting to fulfill your never ending thirst of entertainment and fun and a never resting frequency of general entertainment channel (GEC) in space.

With the latest technology and equipments providing professional ambiance surrounded by a cordial team of vibrant and innovative thinkers, We focus and await to feast your eyes and ears. Tune into us In due time, Expect us to bud into other forms of media.